Welcome to the Wrong Zone

Welcome all , to The Wrong Zone. Just to give you a feeler of what all is to come..here is a little something to get you started. The perspective of life…

‘ What a life we all lead as humans. We all come from different paths of life. Life is what we cherish the most and yet life is the first thing we dont understand, not one bit. Tooting from this we search for other things we can actually hope to find an answer to. In all our infinite wisdom we go deep into the far reaches of the universe, the world, Mother Nature; basically everything and find answers for all of them. We look to our past, name it history, ancient history even and viola you have 2 billion years of infinite findings to play around with and enough to distract you for a long time to come. All the while what we dont understand is that we really arent looking or searching for any of the above mentioned , but rather life. Subconciously we hope that somewhere in all the jumblings and the HOO HAA’s and the mysteries of the different sciences and worlds there is indeed an answer to life, perhaps there is some meaning to it. This lack of knowledge makes us all insecure, deep within the embodiment of our brain. Even the concept of love is all for this infinite soul searching quest of ours. Just look at the concept of Yin and Yang as in coming together and being completed by the other person. Rather your better half. This concept of being complete, being whole is what everyone is really wanting i.e. to be complete and whole is to have and know everything interrelated and thus one thing connecting to another just might have an answer to life.

The entire population is a product of our deranged imagination.  (from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Book series)



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